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UN Resolution 69/228, entitled Promoting and fostering the efficiency, accountability, effectiveness and transparency of public administration by strengthening supreme audit institutions, is one of two resolutions by the United Nations General Assembly that deal with the work of SAIs.

The resolution is in many ways a reaffirmation of UN Resolution 66/209, which was adopted three years earlier. Points 1-5 in Resolution 69/228 are nearly identical to those in the previous resolution. The additional points in Resolution 69/228 further encourage member states to work with INTOSAI, consider the independence and capacities of SAIs in the national contexts, and to continue international cooperation to support capacity-building and knowledge sharing in developing countries.

Resolution 69/228, along with Resolution 66/209, serves as an important document for SAI independence and for acknowledging the import role SAIs play in public governance and sustainable development.

Resolution 69/228 was passed on 19 December 2014 during the 75th plenary meeting of the Assembly's 69th session. It was adopted without a vote.