Report a threat

Report a Threat

Report a Threat to SAI Independence

Independence is the cornerstone of every country's supreme audit institution. Unfortunately, this independence can easily come under threat from changes to a country's constitution, Audit Act, or other legislation. Efforts to block a SAI's access to documents or to delay the appointment of new SAI leadership can also detract from the independence a SAI needs to effectivly serve its citizens.

If you are aware of a current threat to the independence of a SAI, we would like to hear from you! Please fill out the form on the left and send in your threat report to the Independent SAIs team at the INTOSAI Development Initiative. If you would like your name and/or report to be kept confidential, please indicate this in your e-mail.

We aim to review all reports and respond within 30 days. Reporting a threat is the first stage of the SAI Independence Rapid Advocacy Mechanism (SIRAM). To learn more about the SIRAM, and how IDI can potentially organize a response to your reported threat, please click here.

You can also e-mail us directly: