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💡Behind-the-Scenes at Oslo Product Development Meeting

Subject Matter Experts from Transparency and Accountability Convene to build Workshop Agenda for SAIs and CSOs

In the dynamic city of Oslo, during spring 2023, a pivotal meeting unfolded, gathering experts in transparency, government accountability, and financial literacy. Hosted by INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI), this event was more than just a meeting—it was a strategic exercise, led by subject matter experts, to revolutionize how Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) build partnerships that safeguard independence via collaboration and learning from a myriad of stakeholders and partners.

Collaborative Innovation:
A standout feature of this meeting was the adoption of a startup-inspired collaboration and sprint process. Departing from traditional methods, the aim was to co-build a tangible prototype of products such as an interactive online environment and a complimentary country-level workshop framework by the end of the week. The room buzzed with energy as global partners from across the accountability ecosystem actively participated, representing diverse perspectives from around the world.

A convergence of influential partners and organizations, this gathering wasn't just about exchanging ideas. The five-day workshop convened subject-matter experts from Transparency International, Open Government Partnership, AFROSAI-E, CAROSAI, and FOLA Financial, among others, to create a comprehensive resource and suite of teaching materials focused on enhancing collaboration between integrity institutions and the broader accountability ecosystem.

IDI Senior Manager, Mr. George Phiri, who led a guiding and informative presentation on learning and session design, said "Partnering with high-level organizations in transparency and accountability was key to fostering positive outcomes through diverse insights. Collaborating with these stakeholders was enriching, which allowed for effective brainstorming.”

Key points from the program included laying the conceptual groundwork for understanding adult learning methodologies and implementation strategies—with subsequent days dedicated to the development of deliverables and peer-review sessions culminating in a presentation of the conceptualized product and high-level discussion on the way forward.

Why Building Financial Literacy and Interaction Matters:
Integral to the meeting was the emphasis on building financial literacy as a prerequisite for meaningful interaction. FOLA Financial played a crucial role in stressing the importance of financial literacy in the context of the product being developed for those with more limited contexts of public auditing or accounting systems, such as civil society actors. This input, as well as dialogue driven by other top voices present, ensured the final product created not only informed but also empowered users’ agency to engage meaningfully in the accountability ecosystem.

Initiated as a follow up to the release of the SAI-CSO Resource Kit, jointly authored by INTOSAI Development Initiative and Transparency International, the Oslo Product Development Meeting’s outcomes have been set to build the curriculum and content of IDI’s latest workshop series on safeguarding the independence of SAIs. Stay tuned for more information– coming soon!