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🌟 Recap: IDI-OECD Masterclass on SAI Independence held in Paris

Heads of SAIs joined expert speakers and practitioners in a three-day session to discuss best practices for safeguarding independence and protecting institutional oversight.

Here are the highlights from the sessions:

🔍 SIRAM - Shielding Independence with SAI Independence Rapid Advocacy Mechanism

One of the masterclass's central discussions revolved around the SAI Independence Rapid Advocacy Mechanism (SIRAM), a powerful tool crafted by the INTOSAI Development Initiative. Perspectives from recently completed SIRAM cases were presented the Supreme Audit Institution of Poland and the Supreme Audit Institution of Cyprus, which participants and guest speakers alike found enriching and informative. From the feedback received, the consensus is clear: SIRAM is an effective champion for the independence of Supreme Audit Institutions and those who work within them to safeguard SAI Independence and protect the role oversight institutions play in the accountability ecosystem. In a world marked by democratic challenges, SIRAM’s continued sustainability and effectiveness will be crucial for the future.

💼 Bridging the Gap with Oversight Institutions

The parallels between Supreme Audit Institutions and other oversight institutions were also explored in a thought-provoking panel session. Annegret Groebel, President of the Council of European Energy Regulators (BNetzA, Germany), and Soledad Lamas from the ECIIA- European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing shared their perspectives on SAI independence. While the approaches and practiced differed between the speakers on how to address challenges, a shared need for protection from external interference was evident. The exchange of global experiences from the many expert speakers present provided valuable insights for Supreme Audit Institutions leaders on defending their autonomy and independence.

🤝 A Heartfelt Thanks to Our Development Partners

The masterclass was pleased to host distinguished development partners who play a pivotal role in fortifying SAI independence. Laura Gores, Advisor of the Public Financial Management Division at the International Monetary Fund, emphasised the critical role of Supreme Audit Institutions in promoting good governance through fiscal transparency. Dorothea Malloy, Senior Advisor to the Chief Financial Officer at USAID, underscored the vital connection between the agency’s anti-corruption strategy and strengthening institutions, not least Supreme Audit Institutions.

In the spirit of co-operation and our shared vision, IDI would like to extend its sincere thanks to all who contributed to this illuminating masterclass. Together, we're making strides in preserving the integrity and independence of Supreme Audit Institutions worldwide. 🌏💪

Stay tuned for more updates, as well as a deep-dive interview with some of Mastery: SAI Independence’s world-class speakers on their mission to safeguard accountability and transparency- coming to the SAI Independence Resource Centre blog soon!

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