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The SAI Independence Donor Resource Kit is a quick reference guide for donor staff that will help you better understand the challenges SAIs face in obtaining and safeguarding independence, and will assist you to effectively advocate for SAI independence at the global, regional and in-country levels.

The Donor Resource Kit is divided into three sections: Advocacy, Tools, and Resources.

The Advocacy section provides the necessary background to understand the role of SAIs in government oversight and accountability, and the importance of independence in ensuring SAIs can effectively fill their role. This section highlights the Eight Principles of SAI Independence, which have been established by the INTOSAI in the Mexico Declaration.

The Tools section highlights several tools which can help you better understand the concept of SAI independence, and also help you assess and respond to threats to SAI independence. The SAI Performance Measurement Framework measures, among other things, a SAI’s independence, and is a useful tool for benchmarking developments. The SAI Independence Rapid Advocacy Mechanism (SIRAM) is a tool you can use to report a potential threat to SAI independence. All reports to SIRAM are assessed within 30 days by the IDI SAI Independence team. Finally, Regional Workshops on SAI-Donor Engagements provide an opportunity for the local donor community and the SAI to meet face-to-face and identify potential synergies in their common efforts to promote accountability and good governance.

The Resources section features information about websites, reports and surveys which can help you contextualize the topic of SAI independence in your local environment. Of particular note is the SAI Independence Resource Centre, which provides a comprehensive overview of the Eight Principles, a Knowledge Centre of relevant government, technical, and academic publications, and an interactive version of this Resource Kit.

Current version: 1.2
Uploaded: 28 April 2021