Supporting independence for SAIs

Independent Supreme Audit Institutions can lay the foundations for more transparent, accountable and effective governments.

The Eight Pillars of SAI Independence

Independence for Supreme Audit Institutions is based on the Eight Pillars of SAI Independence, as defined by the Mexico Declaration on SAI Independence.

These Pillars, also called Principles, cover such topics a SAI's legal status, access to information, and ability to report and follow-up on their findings.

Document Database

Supporting material from international organisations, NGOs, and academic research on SAI independence

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SAI Independence Donor Resource Kit
Resource Kit on SAI Independence for SAI Leaders
Resource Kit on SAI Independence for SAI Leaders

Resource Kits on SAI Independence

SAI Independence Resource Kits serve as quick reference guides for specific audiences. The resource kits provide information to help you better understand the topic of SAI independence and identify tools and strategies to help you advocate for SAI independence at the national and global levels. 

Report a Threat

Do you know of a SAI whose independence is threatened?

If so, report the threat and the Independent SAIs team at the INTOSAI Development Initiative will conduct an initial assessment within 15 days. 

Every threat received is reviewed via the SAI Independence Rapid Advocacy Mechanism.


Our Partners

Working for SAI independence is a collective effort. Meet the organizations supporting our work at the global and national levels.

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