SAI Independence Resource Kit

SAI Independence Rapid Advocacy Mechanism (SIRAM)

The SIRAM is a four-stage process by which immediate or potential threats to SAI independence are reviewed and addressed. Donors can be a part of this process. 

What is SIRAM?

The SAI Independence Rapid Advocacy Mechanism, or SIRAM, is intended to provide a clear, streamlined process for addressing threats to SAI independence. Using the SIRAM, the INTOSAI and donor communities can provide an adequate and timely advocacy response to new political, constitutional, or institutional developments which may negatively affect the independence of a SAI. Such threats may manifest themselves through amendments to a country’s constitution, changes to the budget or audit law, attempts to remove the Head(s) of the SAI, delays in the appointment process of the Head of SAI or even proposed downgrading of the SAI itself.

Donor's corner

In-country donor staff can report a threat to SAI independence directly to IDI’s Independent SAIs team. Click on the red “Report A Threat” button in the top right corner, or e-mail the team directly at[email protected]

Initiation of SIRAM

SIRAM launches whenever the IDI Independent SAIs team receives a reported threat to or infringement of SAI independence. These reports can be submitted via the IDI or SIRC websites, or can be sent directly to the team at [email protected]. All submissions are treated as confidential unless otherwise indicated.

The Four Stages of SIRAM

SIRAM is divided into four stages: Inform, Assess, Respond, and Follow-up.



In the initial stage a threat is received, and initial information gathering is performed to determine if the threat is genuine.



Upon confirmation of a genuine threat, the team will do an in-depth assessment of the case and explore response options. This stage frequently involves liaising with stakeholders, including donor partners.



Responses can include in-country advocacy support, issuing statements, arranging visits of influential visitors, developing model legislation. Often more than one response is used.



The situation will continue to be monitored. When appropriate, additional steps maybe be taken to ensure that both de-jure and de-facto challenges to SAI independence are mitigated in the longer term

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