Regional workshops on SAI-Donor engagements

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Regional workshops on SAI-Donor engagements

The Intosai Donor Cooperation provides workshops which help sais and donors work more effectively together.

“Working with Donors” – A Workshop for the SAI to engage with local donors

The IDI Global Foundations Unit (GFU) delivers this workshop at a regional level with the aim of empowering SAIs to engage in fruitful and mutually beneficial partnerships with donors while leading their institutional strengthening strategy. Topics covered include Deciding on Support; Engaging Donors; Understanding donor operations; Concept Note development Planning; executing and monitoring a donor funded Initiative; coordination of support, and last but not least, SAI Independence.

Within the SAI Independence session three key areas are discussed with SAI participants. Namely, their areas in need for support, successful tools to safeguard SAI independence and areas to be capacitated in. GFU collects information and shares with the donor community working in the region as way to advocate for scaled-up and better support to SAI independence. In-country donor staff are welcome to contact GFU for further information and potential joint discussions.

Additionally, there is a SAI-Donor round table where SAIs and donors discuss avenues for engaging with donors, implementing and auditing donor funded projects, the role the SAI can play to help donors achieve their objectives, and the role of the donor in providing necessary support for safeguarding SAI Independence.

Together with the common round table, “a meet the SAI” session undertakes as a 1-1 discussion between donors and SAIs to materialize potential opportunities for support and working with each other.

“Working with SAIs” – A Workshop for local donors to engage with the SAI

In parallel to the workshop for SAIs, GFU is developing a workshop targeting donors’ staff and with the intention of raising their knowledge and understanding of SAIs operations. This way they could develop/strengthen their understanding of the unique challenges SAIs face, such as independence, and the tools and approaches INTOSAI and IDI have developed to support SAIs in a SAI-led, strategic and sustainable manner.

Workshops will include an eLearning component and GFU will offer one event for donor staff, starting form year 2021.

Donors can contact GFU for further information and discussion on how this workshop may help building the capacity of their in-country staff. GFU is exploring the possibility of switching both workshops to virtual webinars and facilitated sessions in order to continue fulfilling strategic objectives of the IDC while adjusting to the new normal situation after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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