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SAI Independence Resource Centre


The SAI Independence Resource Centre (SIRC) serves as a knowledge hub for information and documents on SAI independence.

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Here on the SAI Independence Resource Centre you can report a threat to SAI independence, access relevant documents and research, and get in-depth information on the Principles of SAI independence.

What is the SAI Independence Resource Centre?

The SAI Independence Resource Centre (SIRC) is an online knowledge centre which serves as an information portal on the topic of SAI Independence. On the SIRC you can find information, publications, supporting documents, and talking points that can help you engage with relevant stakeholders to effectively advocate for SAI independence.

The SIRC is hosted by the INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI). It is managed by IDI’s Independent SAIs work stream, which seeks to advocate for SAI independence and to support SAIs currently facing challenges to their independence.

What can you find on the SIRC?

The SIRC hosts a number of different resources that can help you learn about and advocate for SAI independence.

The Eight Principles of SAI Independence

The SIRC provides a comprehensive overview of the eight key principles which define SAI Independence, as outlined in the Mexico Declaration. The section includes examples of how the principles are applied in practice.

Document Database

The SIRC Document Database hosts a wide collection on key documents for SAI independence. These include publications from governments, NGOs, donor and development organizations, INTOSAI, OECD and the UN. The database also includes a section mapping the latest academic research on SAI independence.

SAI Independence Resource Kit

The online version of the resource kit includes all the material in the print version of the SAI Independence Resource Kit and links to additional resources. The Donor Resource Kit section,  which you are currently reading, includes resources which can be of particular interest to in-country donor staff.

Report a Threat

Here you can submit a threat report to IDI’s Independent SAIs team. This submission kicks off the SAI Independence Rapid Advocacy Mechanism (SIRAM), which has been outlined in more detail above. All threat submissions are subject to an initial review within 30 days of receipt.

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