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The Global Stocktaking Report provides a benchmark which can be used to monitor developments at the regional and global level with regards to SAI governance and SAI independence. The next Global Stocking Report will be published in 2021.

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Global SAI Stocktaking Report

The Global SAI Stocking Report is a triennial review of SAIs conducted by the INTOSAI community.

What is the Global SAI Stocktaking Report?

The Global SAI Stocking Report is issued every three years by the IDI. It primarily relies on the results of the INTOSAI Global Survey, which is joint INTOSAI effort administered by IDI to assess the levels of, and changes in SAI capacities and performance. It provides information about on all aspects of SAI work and governance, including SAI independence.

Combining the INTOSAI Global Survey results with additional data on SAIs (such as SAI PMF assessments, PEFA assessments and the Open Budget Survey), the Global SAI Stocking Report gives a global and regional overview of SAI performance and capacities. It enables to demonstrate successes in enhancing SAI performance as well as identifies global and regional challenges, such as with SAI Independence. The report has consequently served as a base for determining SAI independence as strategic goal for the INTOSAI-Donor Cooperation and has sparked a series of joint activities and new partnerships intended to enhance advocacy and support to SAIs facing threats.

The latest Global Stocktaking Report was issued in 2017. The next Global Stocktaking Report is currently in production and will be released autumn 2021. For more information please contact the IDI Global Foundations Unit.

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